Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Foot Care for the aging – Foot Problems – Home Remedies

Old age results in several foot conditions, some of which can turn severe if not treated in time. A study shows that approx. 87% of aged population suffers from at least one foot condition. Widening and flattening of feet is one such common problem which elders mostly experience. Fat padding on the sole of the foot starts wearing with age and the skin becomes drier. Painful blisters, corns or foot infections start raising their heads. Thus walking becomes discomforting. Serious accidents may also happen anytime if the person loses his balance when walking. Then foot problems seldom indicate several serious ailments like diabetes, arthritis or poor blood circulation. No wonder human foot is often termed as the “mirror of health”.

People usually have this idea that it is normal for the feet to hurt with age. This is surely a misconception. With proper foot care, it is possible to prevent or treat many foot conditions successfully, so that you can lead a normal and healthy life till old age. Before taking a step, it is important to know what is ailing your feet.

Ø  Look for early signs

If your feet often feel numb and cold, accompanied with burning or tingling sensation, then there is reason to worry about. Don’t ignore dry skin, redness, skin cracks or brittle nails. Discoloration is another serious indication that something is wrong with your feet.

Ø  Try some home remedies to keep your feet in healthy shape

Just because your feet is hurting, that doesn’t mean you stop walking or doing exercises. Rather stress on these aspects and make sure to do exercise which improves blood circulation of your feet. Since the skin of your feet has become sensitive it is not a good idea to go barefoot. Always use stocking of right size, preferably without seams.

Many have this tendency to cut corns or calluses on their own. This is a strict no-no! Doing it yourself with an unsterilized razor, pocket knife or sharp instrument can prove to be more harmful. It is not advisable to apply over-the-counter corn products.

Keep your feet clean by washing it with lukewarm water and mild soap. Then apply foot moisturizer. Such a routine done on daily basis surely helps prevent skin dryness.

Be very careful in selecting footwear. Rather than stressing on style, emphasize on the comfort factor and pick out shoes with a firm sole so that your foot gets adequate support. Opt for soft upper; thus your feet won’t hurt while walking.

Ø  Why do you need to consult a podiatrist?

An expert podiatrist can provide the right support to your aging feet. Being thoroughly trained about each aspect of foot problems he knows precisely what can be done to prevent sore feet or how to treat diabetic foot, ingrown toenails, calluses, corns and arthritic feet. He suggests therapeutic or surgical treatments, after assessing the patient’s condition. He also offers guidance related to right orthotic selection.

If you really want to keep your feet in mobile condition till old age then regular visits to the podiatrist are suggested at least monthly once, rather than doing so on emergency basis.

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