Monday, 26 December 2016

Standing on the Job: Foot Care Tips for Women

Standing long hours on the job is an integral part of the life of many women. From nurses and bank tellers to retail salespersons, restaurant servers and mail sorters, standing for long hours every day takes a heavy toll on the health of women.

These women suffer from a variety of foot ailments – from bunions, calluses, corns, varicose veins and painful/swollen legs and feet to low back pain, shoulder/neck stiffness, muscle fatigue and soreness. Their ability to perform well on the job takes a beating and even wrecks the quality of their life.

Tips to prevent foot ailments

Quitting jobs isn’t a feasible or desirable option for women: the next best thing they can do is to take the following preventive foot care measures, to avoid health issues due to standing on job for prolonged hours. These steps are simple to follow and they do not interfere with their jobs.

Choosing right shoes

Do not choose fashionable high heels or pointy shoes with minimal or poor support for your feet and toes; choose instead proper shoes that match your foot size and offer adequate space and support to your toes and feet. If you are already suffering from foot pain or other foot ailments, you should consult your foot doctor to check whether you need orthotics or supportive insoles to wear with your shoes.

Wearing socks and compression stockings

If you suffer from heal pain, wear padded socks. You may also wear compression stockings that offer support to the blood vessels and muscles of the lower leg, thus promoting better circulation. This in turn would help reduce swelling/edema.

Reducing weight

Your feet have to bear and carry around your entire body weight all day long. Just imagine the kind of pressure they would suffer if you were overweight. Therefore, it would help to spare your feet the trouble of excessive pressure, if you shed a few kilos and maintain a healthy weight.

Doing foot exercises

Do some simple stretches and walk around a little from time to time to avoid standing in the same position for long hours. If you have a gym or an empty room in the office, you may even do spot jogging or a few bends and stretches on the floor. This will improve your blood circulation and ward off muscle fatigue.

Pampering your feet at home

At home, you can soak your tired feet in footbath, or give them a foot massage/pedicure, as it will decrease the pain in your overworked joints and muscles.

Following some other steps

Stand on anti-fatigue mats with a cushioned surface that reduce the stress on your feet and legs. When standing for long hours, shift your wait periodically from one foot to another. At lunch breaks or other time offs, try to sit down and rest your legs. If possible, use sit-stand stools to give your feet and legs some respite during work.

Employers must provide a healthy and comfortable workplace for everyone. Unfortunately, women’s health is ignored in general, especially where they are at a high risk of developing several foot ailments due to long hours of standing.

If you belong to such an unfortunate workforce, make use of the simple tips given above to avoid work-related foot health problems. Should you develop any, seek prompt medical advice from a reputed foot doctor with considerable expertise and experience. Make your job painless and stress-free!

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